Dental implants

Where better to receive a fixed solution to gaps in your smile than the practice that other dentists refer their patients to?

Dental Implants are essentially replacements for the natural roots of teeth. They can be used singly to replace one tooth or in multiple to replace several or all missing teeth. Dental implants are titanium cylinders which form a connection with the bone over time, this is referred to as “osseointegration”. The dental implant has an internal screw space to which components can be attached. This allows crowns or bridges to be attached, or dentures to be supported. Thus, dental implants offer an alternative to dentures and bridgework, or as a means to secure loose dentures.

James has been involved in placing implants for 20 years. To date he has placed in excess of 1000 dental implants. He has attended many courses including post-graduate training in all aspects of dental implants, bone grafting, and soft-tissue management. This training has included modules in the USA, France, Germany, Italy as well as the UK. Numerous local dentists refer their own patients for the placement of dental implants by James and he is very happy to work with your own dentist and assist them in fitting crowns, bridges and dentures to the implants he has placed.