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I have been a patient of The Ice Dental Spa for almost 3 years now and I am so thankful that I found them. James and everyone on his team are the most professional and caring people you could hope to meet. Over the time I have been with the …MoreI have been a patient of The Ice Dental Spa for almost 3 years now and I am so thankful that I found them. James and everyone on his team are the most professional and caring people you could hope to meet. Over the time I have been with the practice I have had implants, crowns and fillings and I am so pleased with the results and would not hesitate to recommend The Ice Dental Spa to anyone. I used to fear going to the dentist but not anymore. James and the team are just brilliant”


Loved it” seems a little inappropriate for a dentist but Ice Dental Spa deserve a lot of stars. All the team are very friendly, welcoming and keen to help. My first visit was just over a year ago having been with an NHS dentist up till then and the difference was chalk and cheese. It is a little more expensive but the standard of care is far superior. My teeth are in a far better state now than they were 18 months ago – I have 4 more teeth now than before for instance – implants – which were actually cheaper at ICE Dental Spa than they would have been if my NHS dentist had done them – and having visited, I was far more confident that Jim Anderson would do a good job of them than the other dentists I contacted. The practice is fresh, modern and clean and best of all, they make the time to treat you as a human being – not just yet another patient. Long may they continue to maintain this standard”

Mr H

After a traumatic experience as a young child, I have been left with a very bad phobia of visiting the dentist. The team at Ice Dental Spa in Duston, Northampton have worked with me displaying understanding and patience beyond anything I could ever imagine which has enabled me to achieve treatment which I never thought I would ever be able to do. I cannot thank the team enough. I cannot praise them enough but to say that if anybody is in the same position as me please talk to these people I cannot recommend them enough”

Mr E

Excellent and caring practice. Great staff too!”

Mr P

I have a real fear of dentists and was finding it difficult to even make an appointment Ice Dental Spa was recommended to me. I emailed them and Kerry phoned me and made me feel at ease straight away. I went to the appointment on my own which I have never done before. James and Tammie were both lovely they reassured me all the time I was there. Thank you for helping me to take my first step to getting back to seeing a dentist.”
Pam Mackay

A very relaxing place with a very high standard of care and brilliant customer service. James, Clare and Tammie were very helpfull and reassuring.”
Bhavnesh Patel

Simply first class in every respect! A relaxing atmosphere with every member of staff friendly and professional.”
Kevin Foreman

Would highly recommend these guys, all lovely people and so pleased I found them, have done wonders with my teeth and the customer service is second to none.”
Craig Fraser

First off, I have to say that James Anderson is ‘The Man’ when it comes to dentistry, and here’s why. James was recommended to me when my former dentist retired from active service I have always been diligent in having regular dental check ups, sometimes from ‘indifferent’ , or (in my earlier years) poorly equipped practices offering a limited range of facilities. So, in recent years, I have been playing ‘catch up’ and gradually reclaimed quite good dental health. However, along the way, I have discovered that there are dentists and DENTISTS. James definitely falls into the latter category. I have always ‘made’ myself attend regular check ups but on my first visit to Ice Dental Spa I experienced something entirely different and slightly unexpected. The reception area, and throughout the building, was spotlessly clean, modern, spacious and very welcoming. I felt immediately ‘at ease’ and uncommonly relaxed. I realised that I was in a rather special place. The young lady on reception was not only very pleasant but also had time for me and was genuinely happy to engage in some ‘small talk’. Having worked in education for many years as a ‘behaviourist’ and very tuned in to ‘body language’, on my first meeting with James I realised that here was a very different representation of the ‘dentist’ persona. I was greeted warmly and we quickly descended into a very easy conversation. I immediately felt almost part of a close ‘family’! To take the spotlight off James for a moment, the rest of his team are obviously ‘hand picked’ and also very highly skilled. The whole team are ‘people’ people. Since that first visit, for me what had always previously been an endured necessity, has become a ‘routine’ experience. James and team have a real knack of taking the stress out of what, I guess for very many people, is one of life’s most stressful events, to the point that they develop either phobia or stop attending altogether. At the end of my first visit I was declared to be ‘in good dental health’ and sent on my way. Sitting in my car afterwards, I checked on my ‘Fitbit’ wrist monitor and my resting pulse was 52 bpm. How relaxed was I?! Fast forward to March 8, 2017 when I visited Ice Dental Spa for that nightmare of all dental procedures, a root canal treatment! Having previously Googled the procedure (Public Health Warning – never do this!) I was all set up for a ‘living nightmare’, despite James’s previous kindly reassurances. Well was it? NOT!! Although a complex and lengthy procedure, I felt completely relaxed and peaceful and almost entirely without any pain or discomfort at all. Amazing! I have also felt no post procedure trauma, pain or discomfort and have not even had to resort to any painkillers. For me absolutely the best outcome. So, in conclusion ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, get thee down to James Anderson and his team at Ice Dental Spa and experience a very different world of dentistry where the person and not just the process is of prime importance.”
Phillip Walker